Halar Soomro




I am an interdisciplinary artist and culture researcher focusing on performing arts, poetry, and film currently based at Maastricht Institute of Insterdisciplinary Arts. Having been born into a family with the traumatic memory of displacement and forced migration during the Indian Partition of 1947, my work explores the Semantic grey areas that lie between the colonial and its Post-form discourse. My artistic practice seeks to deconstruct the colonial gaze and its facilitation of the stigmas around the brown fabulous folk.

Two main methods of creation inform my practice: performing arts and art collectives. As a performer, I use my body as a site of resistance and subversion. My performances have often been immersive and interactive, inviting the audience to engage with the work and to question their own perspectives. I am also a founding member of the Asian Art Workers Collective which attempts to decolonize cultural discourse at Western art institutes and fashion a place to enrich one’s capacity as a thinker and a maker.

Maastricht,The Netherlands (6217)
   50.8514° N, 5.6910° E