Halar Soomro
Fine Liner Drawings
Creator  ······· Halar Soomro
Medium ········· Fine liner drawings
Published ······ April 2023

exhibited   ······ WerkHuis, Genk, Belgium Exhibt

These drawings are culmination of two months of research on the city of Genk. Halar was distinctly interested in the unique observable fabric of Genk on a day-to-day level. Thereafter his own bias and approach towards an unfamiliar community created the context for an experimental form of cartography. The purpose for inovating this type of Artistic cartography which holds slow observation and steady focus as it’s core, leads to biased pieces of representative creations as opposed to factual depoictions of the said geographical location. This choice to push a full throttle on his personal bias is what leads to these playful creations that how ever are not indicative of the it’s observed origin but rather serve a more centre piece to an artist’s distorted yet glamarous vision of the object.

With a main focus on the habits and the population of the city, he has developed a behavioral drawing technique that offers a different perspective, juxtaposing traditional mapping methods. The technique is exhibited in the form of four fine-liner drawings depicting copious activities in and around the cultural centres of the city