Halar Soomro
Film | Publication
Type ·········· · Thesis, research project
Themes·········   Generational Trauma, Neo-                         coloniality, displacement
Timeline ·······  July 2023 - July 2024
Collaborators ··  Maastricht Institute of Arts

                                      Asian Art Workers Colective
Associated ·····  The Supporting Act Foundation|                   Limestone Books Maastricht

Ghar | घर | گھر


This project delves into exploring personal narratives, heritage, and memory, examining the lingering effects of colonial violence and family trauma. The intention is to authentically document and share the story of my Nani (grandmother in Urdu), tracing her journey from post-partition displacement to her prevailing dream of returning home.

With a focus on exploring the collectively individual nature of trauma, through a raw and unfiltered biographical film centered around her story of having survived the Subcontinental partition of 1947 and its 21st-century implications. This not only takes into account the toll it took on leaving a truth she was born into, behind but also the disconnection to an entire family branch loosely held by moribund beads of memories and childhood tales. The intention is to address Hindustani decoloniality through the lens of my family’s lived occurrences and how my scuffles with statelessness, identity, and belonging tie into it.

The majority of the production and post-production activities will take place in my hometowns of Karachi, Pakistan, and Mumbai, India as these locations hold significance in the context of the partition and will provide the necessary environment for capturing the essence of the narrative.

The project is currently in it’s research phase and production will start from November 2023.